There are now four key international ideas / employee involvement conferences each year:

ideasUK – November

EIA (North America) – September

Ideas Arabia (Dubai) – April

DiB (Germany) – May (mainly in German)

with two more gaining prominence:

INSSAN (India) – February

Innovacteurs (France) – December (mainly in French)

The interaction between these events and their organisers (particularly with the first four) has resulted in qualitative improvements in format and content all round. Still to gain a foothold are the extensive inter-membership opportunities for wider benchmarking. Over the years I have been fortunate to interact with many non-UK organisations and found it most invaluable. This is an area we will work on for the future.

Ideas Arabia

So what do you get at an Ideas Arabia Conference? Well, I’m not going to reel of the speakers or programme, you can see that for yourself here.

What I can tell you is that it was a well facilitated mix of international speakers covering all aspects of the conference theme ‘innovation’. Ranging from the CEO of the local company building the innovative Palm islands through various vendors and consultants to scheme practitioners, the speakers rang the changes and kept the interest of delegates throughout.

At each break delegates were well watered, fed and informed by a well laid out area adjacent to the main conference room with scheme and vendor displays around the walls and refreshments in the centre.

Delegates finished conference with a coach tour of the Palm Jumeirah (what an impressive construction) and on the first evening the overseas speakers were taken to the Heritage Village, Dubai which gave us a brilliant insight into the incredible ‘journey’ Dubai has undertaken in such a short time. Hopefully I can suppress any attempts to put the camel pictures on this site!

Being the third conference the organisers and delegates were clearly getting into their stride. The atmosphere was friendly, the organisation efficient and we were left after two days with that great feeling that you had learnt something and enjoyed doing it.

Well done Ideas Arabia!

Andy Beddows


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