Conference Report Dubai

Our sister association Ideas Arabia held its 4th Annual International Conference in Dubai during April, titled ‘Innovation: From Victim to Solution’, with local, regional and international participation.

Organised by Ideas Arabia, a Subgroup of Dubai Quality Group (DQG)Dubai Quality Group (DQG). The conference aimed to help organisations to redesign, innovate and suggestions schemes within the constraints of the new economy.

It explored how companies can access the collective ideas generated from various work teams in organisations to design strategies for a more effective economy.

This year’s conference was of special significance because it adopted the principle of innovation as the start point towards an effective and constructive work in organisations.

In a departure from the usual conference format, the morning of the second day was devoted to one large brainstorming exercise involving all the 200 delegates and speakers. The activity was broken into various phases, included input from a team of experts and culminated in groups voting for the best ideas. The whole session proved a practical and enjoyable way to reinforce the reality of innovation as discussed on the previous day by speakers.

Final judging of the Ideas Arabia Idea of the Year took place during the conference and the event concluded with the announcement of the winners in six categories and Idea of the Year. The awards were presented by His Highness Sheik Ahmad Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Ideas Arabia also inaugurated national and international lifetime achievement awards. The first national recipient was Shawqi Sajwani known for his hard work in the Gulf in the promotion of suggestion and reward schemes. The first international award went to Andy Beddows of ideasUK.

Overall an active, educational and enjoyable conference.


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