Why is management support crucial for the success of your ideas programme?

The stronger and more active management support, the stronger and more active the suggestion/recognition scheme becomes.

How can leaders/managers demonstrate support?

Leaders/ managers should be involved in setting goals and targets for the suggestion scheme and ensuring these are communicated within the organisation. The goals and targets for the suggestion scheme should link with those of the organisation.

Involvement in recognition events; actively encouraging employees to participate in the programme, ensuring regular reports on the programme are included in team briefing.

Encouraging a culture, which fosters creativity and innovation, inspire change and recognise and reward people for their efforts.

Ways to gain support for the programme

  • Gather benchmarking information – show how successful other organisations are
  • Highlight benefits gained from implementing employee ideas – financial and non financial
  • Include information about programme in all briefing forums to ensure profile is maintained
  • Include in job specification/requirements
  • Evaluation/implementation responsibilities should be included in job requirements and be included in annual appraisal
  • Use the ideasUK Toolbox Accreditation in planning and reviewing procedures. Scheme credibility is enhanced by the effective use of business plans with targets, measures etc
  • Report regularly to management on all outcomes of the programme.

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