International Ideas Week 2011

We have three, free, UK based events to celebrate our annual exciting and innovative approach to workplace challenges. The themes this year will be based around Ideas, Innovation and the Current Economic Crisis.

We propose, with practical examples, to explain the benefits of innovation and ideas programmes to both an organisation and its employees. We know that employee innovation plays an important part of a business, which not only delivers major cost savings but also highly motivates the workforce so that it is fit to face the future.

Should you wish to attend any of these events please complete the booking form here.

ideasUK launched National Ideas Day on 14th March 2001. The original day (14 March) having been chosen as a special day to focus on creativity and innovation in the workplace on the anniversary of Einstein’s birth.

Due to the success of celebrating this special day our members asked that the celebrations be extended to a week in May. So each year ideasUK International Ideas Week™ is now celebrated.

This allows our members to hold special events within their organisations and to attend one-day seminars arranged as part of these celebrations – ideasUK International Ideas Week™

We have guest speakers from our member organisations explaining what they do and the beneficial results obtained. They will also highlight the advantages to employee driven innovation.

May 10th London – Hosted by Ministry of Defence. Location: to be announced
May 11th Cardiff – Hosted by Welsh Audit Office. Location: Welsh Audit Office
May 12th Edinburgh – Hosted by Diageo. Location: to be announced

Promotional materials can be found here.  Please feel free to download and use within your organisation.


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