Top 10 innovation and ideas management blog posts – weekly round-up 24th June

Here at ideasUK, one of the things that I do on a daily basis is to have a look around the web to see what is happening in the ideas / innovation and employee engagement world.

I thought I would share with you the top 10 things I have looked at over the past week and encourage you to take a look at them and comment where needed.

So in no particular order (apologies to the Dermot O’Leary on the X-Factor):

  1. How can you boost innovation in your organisation
  2. Mafraq Ambassadors Program celebrates 12 months of success
  3. Five ways to boost innovation – CEO Forum Group
  4. Innovation is always beneficial – Small Businesses
  5. 7 Steps to a Culture of Innovation
  6. SHRM/Globoforce Survey Finds 71 Percent of Companies Track Employee Engagement through Exit Interviews
  7. Employee disengagement remains a problem as employers fail to tackle ‘deadwood’
  8. How Idea Management Software Both Increases and Measures Employee Engagement
  9. Money doesn’t motivate

Now you may be thinking there are only nine items on the list and I promised you 10, well the last link is not really business related, but was sent through to me this week as a bit of fun, with me being a cat lover, I challenge you to look at this video (opens YouTube video) and tell me that cats are not intelligent animals!

Well that’s it for this week, I will have a brand new top ten for you next week.

Have a great weekend,


If you feel I’ve missed any great articles, blogs, links etc, please share them in the comments section below.


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