How to start a Suggestion Scheme – part 8

How to start a Suggestion Scheme:

Finally, after you have all the parts in place, we need to measure the effectiveness of the programme.

Assessing the outcomes of the programme

Return on Investment – always record all tangible savings and intangible benefits resulting from implemented ideas. Compare the savings achieved with the running costs of the programme and awards paid and this will give the return on investment of the programme.

All well run programmes will deliver substantial savings and benefits to the organisation.

Participation rate.

Implementation rate.

Turnaround time.

Business and Marketing Plans.

Gaining outside recognition for the programme.

Maintaining the Momentum.

These eight steps are just the tip of the iceburg to ensuring a suggestion scheme is successful within your organisation.

We have 25 years experience in developing and maintaining ideas schemes within business and would be more than happy to help you to develop a scheme within your organisation.

Just call us on 0844 330 4905 or e-mail us to see how we can help your business.

Please let us know your thoughts or post your questions in the comments section below.


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