Top 10 innovation and ideas management blog posts – weekly round-up 1st July

My weekly round up of what I have been reading this week. In no particular order really!

  1. Excellent article about communication in an ideas programme
  2. Great ideas have the X-Factor
  3. Linking ideas schemes with Six Sigma
  4. Two ways to think about innovation
  5. Quite a controversial blog looking at HR Departments
  6. Was Alan Sugar right about Engineers
  7. An innovation management approach where ideas don’t go to die
  8. A great blog on Lean Systems
  9. Ideas in Limbo
  10. And the final link is not really work related, but is an initiative being launched by a group of business leaders in South Wales to promote Cardiff International Airport and to try to increase the number of flights

Well that is my top 10 links for the week, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. Have a great weekend folks!


If you feel I’ve missed any great articles, blogs, links etc, please share them in the comments section belo.


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