July 4th Special – Our sister organisation: IdeasAmerica

IdeasAmerica logoOne of the reasons why ideasUK continues to be successful is its close links with other organisations worldwide who promote employee engagement.

To celebrate 4th July (American Independence day) we thought it would be good to re-introduce our sister organisation that is based in North America.

IdeasAmerica is an internationally recognised organisation serving professional managers and administrators of employee ideas, involvement and innovation systems for over sixty-eight years by providing quality educational programs, publications, benchmarking and networking opportunities. Just like ideasUK its members are leaders who are dedicated to building businesses that engage their employees, encouraging them to contribute to their organisations at many levels and in many ways.

History of IdeasAmerica

During World War II, thirty-five suggestion system administrators met in the Chicago offices of United Airlines and founded the National Association of Suggestion Systems (NASS). In 1992, at the fiftieth anniversary celebration in Chicago, the name change to Employee Involvement Association was adopted to reflect the increasing acceptance of the perpetual and worldwide evolution of suggestion systems to involve employees in enterprises of all types. Change was once again on the horizon and at the recent 2010 annual conference the membership voted to adopt the current name of IdeasAmerica.

IdeasAmerica Conference 2011

Over the past twenty-five years, ideasUK have forged a great relationship with our colleagues in North America. This includes representatives from both organisations attending each other association’s conferences. This year the IdeasAmerica conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas between the 14-16th September and it a ‘must’ for any diary.

Further details of the conference can be found on the IdeasAmerica website.

The IdeasAmerica Association celebrated sixty years of service to employee involvement professionals at the 2002 Annual Networking and Training Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. The association looks forward to celebrating seventy years of service in 2012.

In future articles we will look at our other sister organisations in the United Arab Emirates (Ideas.Arabia) and Germany (dib)


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