Selecting the right Suggestion Scheme Software

Our many years of experience in helping companies select a new tracking system for their suggestion programme, or other employee involvement process, shows that a detailed outline of management needs allows us to better serve you. That, added to a review of your programme, and a clear understanding of your process is helpful when specifying the best programme management software to suit your needs.

We would recommend you consider the following areas when choosing the software to manage your ideas programme:-

  • Does the software fit around your process for handling ideas or do you have to change to accommodate the system?
  • How easy will integration be with existing systems within your organisation?
  • How easy will it be to submit ideas for the user?
  • Will it be easy to administer the suggestion scheme for the manager?
  • What reports can be generated by the system?
  • Can feedback be automatic for the idea?
  • Can the software track savings and awards made?

This is certainly a minefield for any organisation who is considering purchasing or leasing an ideas management software programme.

So what are the costs of the software? Well, there are literally dozens of suppliers on the market and prices vary widely. We would recommend you speak to several suppliers to decide which is the ‘best fit’ for your organisation. Sometimes, cheaper does not mean better and conversely sometimes more expensive does not mean better.

One mantra that we have always preached is that to run a successful suggestion scheme you do need software / database. This cuts down on the administration and allows proper analysis of the scheme. Whether this database is an excel spreadsheet or a bespoke database depends totally on the organisation.

At ideasUK we always try to remain impartial to the software suppliers and our members use a range of different systems. But we are able to help you produce a specification document which can then be sent to the different suppliers. Contact us at for more information.


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