Top 10 innovation and ideas management blog posts – weekly round-up 22nd July

This week, the following articles have caught my attention:

  1. The World’s Most Innovative Companies List – Forbes
  2. Pull for innovation
  3. The biggest challenges facing suggestion schemes today
  4. A great blog written by a friend of mine
  5. Innovation in India, a great overview
  6. An older article but still relevant today
  7. 4 Ways to Foster Innovative Creativity
  8. Workplace Friendships and Innovation Success
  9. If you are planning to ask an innovation consultant for help read this first
  10. Finally, as you know, I like to have a bit of light relief for the last entry, well this is week’s number 10 is going to celebrate the final landing of the Space Shuttle – if there is one thing that highlights innovation of the past 30 years it is the space shuttle.

Well that is my top 10 for this week, I hope you find them useful and maybe insightful. Have a great weekend folks!


If you feel I’ve missed any relevant articles, blogs, links etc, or just ones you want to share, please add them to the comments section below.


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