Introducing our sister organisation – Ideas Arabia

With Ramadan approaching, we at ideasUK thought it would be a great opportunity to continue our periodic series of articles profiling our sister organisations and take a look at Ideas Arabia.

Ideas Arabia Suggestion SchemeHere at ideasUK, we have always had a great relationship with organisations in the Middle East and in fact around 10% of our membership is made up of companies within the United Arab Emirates.

Due to our strong on-going relationship with the Dubai Quality Group, ideasUK was well placed to advise on how to set up a sub-group in the mid 2000s and the Ideas Arabia Subgroup has gone from strength to strength since its launch.

The Ideas Arabia Subgroup has very clear aims and objectives which are set out on its website


Ideas Arabia promotes innovation to enhance business competitiveness.


To become the knowledge hub for innovation in the Middle East.

Action Plan:

  1. To hold an international conference and awards ceremony every year
  2. Hold a minimum of 8 monthly knowledge sharing meetings in the UAE
  3. To hold a national conference in another Middle East country by 2015
  4. To develop our own tailored innovation model and accreditation programme
  5. To develop a cost effective knowledge sharing platform using blogs and Facebook for Ideas Arabia members

In a similar vein to ideasUK, each April Ideas Arabia hold a conference and it has now grown into an international must attend event with delegates not only from the Middle East but most other regions of the world.

The current driving force of Ideas Arabia, is its president Mr Abdul Qader Obaid Ali and his executive board who manage the strategic planning and development of the organisation.

So, if you are reading this blog from the Middle East, we would like to wish you a good Ramadan Festival and recommend that you visit the Ideas Arabia Blog!


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