Top 10 innovation and ideas management internet links – weekly round-up 19th August

And this week I’d like to present for your delectation and delight the following links:

  1. I love rewards too… but it takes more to engage your employees – An intriguing piece on the right way and wrong way to reward employees.
  2. What is innovative leadership? A look at what innovation leadership is all about in business, what does it look like and how it benefits your organisation.
  3. While this could have been filmed in 1980 there are actually some great management ideas in this video.
  4. Ideas Don’t Equal Innovation. The article looks firstly at defining what an idea, a good thought provoking blog post.
  5. Are you someone who is always coming up with great ideas? If not, do you think it’s possible to learn and train to become a better idea worker?
  6. An Adaptive Approach to Managing Innovation – a practical guide for managers. I recommend you download this paper, it really is a good read.
  7. Innovation is actually easy – when the corporate culture is supporting it. Unfortunately today many companies show ”excellent” practise killing the innovative spirit. Another great paper on harnessing creativity.
  8. Finding Different Ways To Reward Employees. Have you ever agreed to a staff request for a higher salary on the basis that it would encourage and motivate them to work harder and smarter, then find that it didn’t have the desired effect? This post looks at the issues of rewarding employees.
  9. When Staff Don’t Want To Be Empowered This piece spiked my interest because, sometimes, as managers we are keen to empower everyone in the organisation and sometimes we forget that organisations sometimes have employees who, although are committed to the business, just want to come in and do a day’s work.
  10. Finally, I have recently re-discovered the UK television show – The Office and thought I would share one of my favourite clips. How many of us as managers have encountered a team member like this?

Well that is my top 10 links for the week, hope you did find them delectable. Have a great weekend folks!


If you feel I’ve missed any great articles, blogs, links etc, please share them in the comments section below.


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