Top 10 innovation and ideas management internet links – weekly round-up 26th August

It’s Friday and the end of another great week, here’s my latest blog posts covering topics from crowd sourcing, employee rewards and engagement, plus scanning your cat:

  1. This article was sent over to me via a comment on the blog last week by @GetVetter. Keeping it Simple – Can 3 Guys Build an Idea Management System in 54 Hours?
  2. Every day I get asked: what is the best software for managing an idea programme?   This article covers most of the suppliers in North America and I have added a few from the UK.
  3. Everyone Innovates Everyday – Collaborative Idea Management at Ericsson.   Interesting take on innovation within Ericsson
  4. Finding different ways to reward employees. You know, whether to reward or not is one of the big questions with Ideas Schemes.
  5. Most organisations try to engage employees, some are good at it and some are truly bad, but what should you do if you encounter some resistance?
  6. Four Points to Consider as the Business Sponsor of an Ideation Challenge. A good piece on crowd sourcing and how to develop a successful strategy
  7. How to do Intelligent Crowdsourcing. I make no apologies for adding another article about crowd sourcing this week. This blog looks at the downsides and pitfalls and how to do it right.
  8. I have included an article from our blog again this week. Looking at why suggestion schemes fail. It has caused some very interesting conversations between ideasUK and some of its members over the past week.
  9. Your own idea management system. A good quality blog post by  Marlagotts Chalk about how to come up with an idea. A very engaging introduction into the thought process!
  10. And finally, just going to leave you with something that has been keeping me amused over the past few days. It is just a bit of fun (SFW) and goes to prove that cat lovers really are bonkers and I tried, but my cat, Timothy, just will not get on the scanner!

Well that is my top 10 links for the week, hope you find them interesting. Have a great weekend folks and to our UK readers a great bank holiday, now to get Timothy on the scanner.


If you feel I’ve missed any great articles, blogs, links etc, please share them in the comments section below.


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