ideasUK Conference 2011 – Keynote Spotlight – Mark Toner – BT Openreach.

In the count down to our conference we thought it would be a good idea to give you some background on our keynote speakers.

We start this series by look at Mark Toner:Mark Toner keynote speaker for IdeasUK idea management conference

Mark was appointed General Manager of BT Openreach Innovation and Future Options in 2007 and has responsibility for the management of all new idea and innovation initiatives, including innovation research.

Previously he held general management positions in roles covering strategic options, advanced product development and broadband deployment.

Mark has also managed several ‘futures’ initiatives in China and Japan with Sony, Toshiba Huawei and Fujitsu as well as BT’s research relationships at MIT’s disruptive technologies laboratory and Sloan School of Management in the USA.

The Innovation eco-system provides a visual representation of all current and future elements effecting new ideas and innovation performance in an organisation, plus several associated research areas.

The innovation eco-system has been presented at executive board / consultant level in several organisations and has resulted in dramatic performance improvements in the volume, quality and implementation speed of ideas. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, it sets out the changes required to encourage and grow an organisation’s innovation culture.

The presentation will get you, the audience, thinking about ideas and innovation in a different way and provide plenty of “take-away” items to consider and introduce into your own work areas and businesses.

The brochures can be found at the links below.

ideasUK Conference 2011 Brochure

Conference Masterclass Information and Booking Form

Conference 2011 Booking Form

Conference 2011 Booking Information

So what are you waiting for? Get your booking form back to us today, we look foward to seeing you in Cardiff in November.


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