Conference 2011 – Keynote Spotlight – John Conoley, CEO, Psion

Last week we featured Mark Toner, in the first of our series of blog posts featuring speakers for the ideasUK conference in November. This week we introduce John Conoley who is the CEO at Psion.

John joined Psion in 2008 and has 25 years’ experience in the technology industry.

John Conoley, Keynote Speaker for ideasUK idea management conferenceJohn has been closely involved in sales and market development throughout his career. He has significant experience of working with both direct channels to market and also channel partners such as Value Added Resellers (VARs), Distributors, Systems Integrators and Developers.

The first half of John’s career was spent at IBM, where he held a range of technical roles, direct and channel sales roles, and marketing positions. His first experience of working with channel partners was in the late ‘80s through AS400 and PC Resellers. His later experience included running an EMEA VAR and OEM business unit.

Before joining Psion, John was head of energy company EON’s Corporate Business Division, responsible for improving the performance and profitability of a division with sales of £1.5bn.  He grew market share using a third party channel strategy.

Prior to this, John spent many years growing or turning round Technology businesses as CEO, and started his own business some years ago, a Value Added Reseller.

He declares his main aim is always to find differentiation.

Speaking Topic/Theme

How Psion has innovated, from the very beginning, right through to 2011 with the latest brand re-launch, Omnii platform, Open Innovation and

Formed in 1980, Psion had been a well-known brand in the UK, Germany and France for many years and helped to establish the personal digital assistant (PDA) category that has morphed into the consumer smartphone category we know today. In 2002, the company acquired Teklogix, a well-established Canadian-based rugged industrial computer hardware manufacturer and vendor, creating the Psion Teklogix brand, and in turn, refocused its operations to deliver mobile computing products and services to other businesses.

In 2008, John Conoley joined as Chief Executive Officer and set about a radical restructure and revitalisation of the business. The company needed a brand identity that worked seamlessly with its new business strategy of Open Source Mobility (OSM) which combines three core elements: a sophisticated, highly modular mobile computing platform, an Open Innovation approach to collaboration and development and customisable products, solutions and services. At the core of the business and as the foundation for Psion’s identity, is its modular platform, online community, and the concept of Open Innovation.

The modular platform allows for the development of new adaptable and rugged handheld devices, like the recently launched Omnii XT10, based on the Omnii platform. Due to its modular nature, it is almost completely re-configurable in the field. The upgradeable and interchangeable modules are not only developed by Psion, but also by an expanding network of more than 200 developer partners around the world, connected together via Psion’s open, online community at which launched in March 2010 and achieved more than 35,000 visitors per month within its first six months.

Through its Open Innovation business model, Psion works with its customers and partners to design and build modular and customisable mobile hardware, software and services to address the needs of specific markets and industries.

In January 2011, the company refreshed its corporate identity and developed a new logo to demonstrate its new business model and removed Teklogix from its operating company name to create a clear, unifying, global identity.

ideasUK conference brochures can be found at the links below.

ideasUK Conference 2011 Brochure

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Conference 2011 Booking Information

So what are you waiting for? Get your booking form back to us today, we look foward to seeing you in Cardiff in November.


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