Stress at Work – Recognising and managing anxiety – Invitation open to everyone

Stress reduction and wellbeing effects many people in the workplace and have a strong link with the effectiveness of employee engagement and this workshop hopes to explore methods to improve the work environment.

Best Practice Club - Recognising and managing anxietyHost – Siemens

Location – Lincoln

Date – Wednesday 21 September 2011

Stress, anxiety and depression are responsible for 70 million sick days every year. In 2009/2010 it was estimated that unsupported mental health problems were costing UK businesses £30.3bn per annum – a £4bn increase from 2003. This is the equivalent of £1206 per employee, per year, (Centre for Mental Health, 2010 &2003)

Our first speaker is Chris Morgan. Chris is a founder member of the National Training Team (his involvement goes back to 2007) for Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) formed in September 2009. His current role is Business Development Director of Mental Health First Aid England Community Interest Company. As well as working for the NHS and Department of Health, Chris has coordinated the work of the Sevenoaks & Area Mental Health Awareness Group, which provides mental health awareness workshops in south West Kent to voluntary, statutory and health service organisations. Chris is able to combine his own personal experiences to provide enlightening perspective on what is currently a very delicate, but very common, subject.

The second speaker is Steve Exall. Steve’s remit includes helping to drive the company’s health and well-being agenda, with a particular focus on mental health. Steve has specific responsibility for health and wellbeing in BT Operate which consists of over 13,000 people in over 30 countries world-wide. In his role, Steve is responsible for raising awareness of wellbeing, mental health and occupational health through pro-actively running a number of campaigns and initiatives both pan-BT and within BT Operate. Steve has also been instrumental in implementing a programme of Mental Health First Responder training for BT Operate’s people managers.

We would like to invite you or your colleagues to be a part of this Workshop and take back to your organisation some of the approaches currently being used effectively in this area, which affects so many of us these days. There is no fee for the attendance.

Agenda for this meeting

09:00 – Arrive and Coffee

09:30 – Welcome and Introductions

09:45 – Behavioural Leadership session (TBC from Siemens)

10.45 – Coffee

11.00 – Presentation from Chris Morgan

11.45 – Q&A session

12.00 – Round Table discussion on current Wellbeing programmes

12.45 – Lunch

13.45 – Presentation from Steve Exall at BT

14.30 – My Key takeaways and actions

14.45 – Wrap up and feedback

15.00 – Close

Do you need impressive business reasons to attend this Workshop? We guarantee you:

  • will get the opportunity to network with your peers across all areas of business, and make those important contacts for future reference
  • will increase your subject knowledge and be able to take this information back to your organisation
  • will be able to demonstrate your commitment to external benchmarking as part of your personal development
  • will by attending this workshop, you will show your openness to researching solutions from outside your business in a cost effective manner

Email, or book online. If you are not a member of the Best Practice Club but would still like to attend – please get in touch!


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