ideasUK Conference 2011 – Workshop Speaker – Sarah Dittrich – Success Factors and Best Practices

This week we would like to introduce Sarah Dittrich from Idea Management, who will be leading one of our many workshops at our conference.

Sarah Dittrich - Idea Management - Success Factors and Best PracticesSarah Dittrich studied Business and Economics at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany and at the York University Toronto, Canada majoring in International Relations, Marketing and Social Psychology. In July 2010 she joined the leading German organisation for Idea Management, DiB GmbH Germany, as Head of Idea and Innovation management and is a consultant for companies with regards to the introduction, improvement and aspects of idea management. Currently she is undertaking her PhD, externally researching idea and innovation management in an international context.

Success Factors and Best Practices

Which performance indicators are important for the evaluation of a suggestion scheme? What are the key drivers for successful idea management? The presentation will give an insight into specifications on the organisation of the idea management process as well as success factors based on benchmark data in Germany. Selective best practice examples will be depicted.

ideasUK conference brochures can be found at the links below.

ideasUK Conference 2011 Brochure

Conference Masterclass Information and Booking Form

Conference 2011 Booking Form

Conference 2011 Booking Information

So what are you waiting for? Get your booking form back to us today, we look forward to seeing you in Cardiff in November.


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