Top 10 innovation and ideas management internet links – weekly round-up 30th October

Sorry folks, you must have thought I had forgotten all about you, it has been a hectic few weeks with customer visits and accreditation sessions (More on that in a future blog post).

I have met some great people over the past few weeks and visited many different organisations with different cultures. The one thing that stood out though is the passion and drive that is still there for innovation!

Anyway, here is my top 10 articles I have been reading this week, if you would like to suggest a link to me, just comment on the bottom of the page.

  1. I am always on the look out for sites that can help my innovation knowledge. Take a look at this page, some really good articles
  2. Making Open Innovation work. “Big and small companies—you need to open up!” This is the key message in this book, it is being given as a free download, chapter by chapter
  3. Staff Suggestion Schemes – A penny for your thoughts? Another good article that re-enforces what we have been saying at ideasUK for our entire history.
  4. 10 Reasons Why Innovation Suggestion Schemes and Idea Boxes Fail – I know I have linked to this article before. However, I think it is always good to revisit some articles especially one as good as this
  5. The 7 Immutable Laws of Innovation – Follow them or risk the consequences. A good piece, as would be expected from Forbes, explaining the top rules to be followed on the innovation journey.
  6. Measuring for Innovation – A Guide for Innovative Teams. Once again this is another great blog post by the guys over at Innovation Management. If you get two minutes, pour yourself a coffee and read this post.
  7. How to Successfully Implement Collaborative Idea Management. A fantastic overview and well worth a read!
  8. Stop the Reckless Brainstorming and Focus your Creativity! I remember being a delegate at a conference many years ago when the speaker there said there were over 150 different ways of running a brainstorming session. Do you think brainstorming sessions work or can you get ideas overload?
  9. Metrics for ideas management I often get asked, how do we measure how successful our ideas programme is, this paper looks at the ways to measure your success and the measures to avoid.
  10. Finally, this has been sent to me a few times over the past week by several people. There is a quiz show on the TV in the UK called The Chase, this is a clip showing the host breaking up in laughter over a question, it is quite funny and had me laughing for no other reason than the presenter’s reaction. Enjoy!

Well that’s my top 10 for the week, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. Have a great week folks!


If you feel I’ve missed any great articles, blogs, links etc, please share them in the comments section below.


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