Top 10 innovation and ideas management links – weekly round-up 10th February

Here is my round up of all the things I have been reading this week, as usual, there is no particular order, just things that have caught my eye.

  1. One of the questions we are always asked is regarding the tax implications of running an ideas programme within the United Kingdom. This article does a pretty good job of explaining it and it comes from a tax accountant.
  2. Found a great blog this week called The Employable. A great source of articles for the person looking for a job. Well worth a visit and spend some time there.
  3. Another blog that has recently linked into us vgalovski I have spent a few hours on this blog in the past week and the content is very good. Take a look for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.
  4. One of the delegates from our last networking session has done their own blog post about the event and asking the question – Can Social Media Enhance an Ideas Scheme – Again, do take a look and see what you think.
  5. Most people have heard of The Six Hats, here Paul Sloane explains the Disney method of thinking. A very good piece that I will certainly be trying very soon.
  6. Shifting Paradigms – Refreezing for Innovation. Looks at how to embed a culture of innovation within the middle of your organisation. A fascinating post that had my brain cells buzzing!
  7. Pollinators: The New Breed of Innovators This article was recently published in Forbes Magazine. Have a read and ask yourself, am I a Pollinator?
  8. Top 8 Reasons I can’t get anyone to embrace innovation at my organisation! One of the best articles I have read this week and strikes a chord with me personally as it reminds me of an organisation where I worked in the past. The key to success is that persistence will always win at the end of the day!
  9. A recognition that innovation is a complex adaptive system. Another well thought out blog that I really like. I would encourage you all to subscribe to it today. This post really had me thinking about innovation and what we at ideasUK talk about on a daily basis. Take a look and tell me what you think.
  10. As ever, my number 10 is always a little light hearted and this week is no different, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you The Cat Scan. The only way I can describe this site is that it is what the internet has been waiting for.

Hope you enjoy my links this week, if there is something you think I should read or a site you have come across you think I should include, please drop me a line or add them below.

Have a great weekend folks!



3 thoughts on “Top 10 innovation and ideas management links – weekly round-up 10th February

  1. Thanks for featuring two of my articles……..hope to keep you buzzing and working those innovation cells some more……same for me I always get ideas from others articles- sometimes to many! Again thanks for featuring me under number 6 & 9 above

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