The Benefits of a Suggestion Scheme and How to Start

Part 1

A lot of the time, we are asked, what are the main considerations of setting up an ideas programme? What should be considered and what are the benefits? This two part post will give you some pointers.

The Importance of Involving Employees

People, both in teams and as individuals, always have been and always will be the source of creativity, innovation and improvement. The harnessing of this talent is crucial to the success and growth of any organisation. Increased competition and demand for improved customer service means that managers have to consider how they meet increasing demands without increasing costs. They have to utilise existing resources fully. There is therefore a need to proactively encourage employees to generate ideas for innovation and improvement.

Advantages of Involving Employees

A continuous supply of new ideas that will lead to increased productivity, reduce costs, eliminate waste, improve customer service and satisfaction, improve employee morale, all contributing to a more competitive business.

Involving employees can influence their attitudes towards change. It is recognised that people have a natural reluctance to accepting change, however, if employees are encouraged to put forward their own ideas for changes in working methods or practices they tend to become more receptive to changes introduced by management, and they feel more involved, more secure.

The Purpose of a Suggestion Programme

The purpose of a suggestion programme is to promote the involvement of employees in assisting an organisation to achieve its goals. The benefits can be direct; financial savings and cost reduction as ideas for increased efficiency are implemented. Other benefits are increased productivity, improved safety standards, revenue generation, improved customer service and satisfaction and improved employee morale. A suggestion programme can also act as a driver for other quality initiatives with which it should be integrated. It can also create a culture of participation and involvement whereby submitting ideas for change becomes the natural and accepted activity of each and every employee.

The Objectives of a Programme

The overall objective is to help optimise the organisation’s business results and encourage a pro-active workforce. An organisation establishing or revising its suggestion programme needs to consider specific aims and objectives, which fit within the overall aims and objectives of the organisation, and incorporate these within a business plan for the suggestion scheme

  • Assisting an organisation achieve its aims and objectives
  • Stimulating Creativity and Innovation
  • Improving morale/motivation
  • Direct/Indirect cost savings
  • Improved customer service/satisfaction
  • Encouraging teamwork
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Promoting the exchange of best practice
  • Improved Communication
  • Empowerment
  • Recognition and reward
  • Advancement

The next article will focus on what support is needed to develop your scheme and the types of schemes available.

Part 2


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