The Benefits of a Suggestion Scheme and How to Start

Part 2

The last article (part 1) looked at the benefits of an ideas programme and why you should have one within your organisation. This second post looks at the practical steps in getting a good quality scheme up and running.

Support required within a Programme

  • Leaders/Management should be proactive and visible in their support of the programme. They should ensure they receive regular reports on all outcomes
  • Employees demonstrate their support through participation
  • Managers/Administrators should be selected for their commitment and drive in encouraging creativity and innovation and ability to deliver an efficient customer service
  • Evaluators are critical to the success of the programme and should be trained in order to deliver effective, positive and timely evaluations
  • Budget it is essential to ensure sufficient budget is available to enable the scheme to deliver on its objectives. Once established the scheme will deliver a healthy Return On Investment
  • Decision-making establish who in the organisation will be responsible for approving and implementing ideas: line management/evaluators/committee
  • Record keeping records should be kept of all suggestions, awards paid and resultant savings and benefits. Some form of automated record system is a useful tool in this record keeping exercise

What is Required?

It is essential to have a structured process to ensure that all ideas are captured. ideasUK can assist with the development of this process.

Main areas to consider in setting up and maintaining an effective programme are:

  • Leadership – this is fundamental to success. There are basic requirements to ensure success
  • Strategic Planning – a programme should assist with the delivery of the aims, objectives and innovation strategy of the organisation and should have tailored business and marketing plans
  • People – a programme should be used as a driver to ensure the involvement of all of the people within the organisation
  • Resources – the suggestion scheme, like any other business unit should ensure effective use of all available resources.
  • Processes – all areas of the suggestion scheme processes and activities must be regularly reviewed to ensure value for money service
  • Customers – to ensure continued success customers needs must be met
  • Community – the impact of ideas on the wider community should be considered if relevant
  • Outcomes – this is the overall assessment of the programme. All activities should be measured, outcomes assessed, in particular how they have assisted with the delivery of the suggestion scheme business and marketing plans. Results must be reported to management

ideasUK has an ideas toolbox based on the above criteria which is available free to all members. It is a useful mechanism to continually review the strengths and weaknesses of the programme, and identify areas for improvement, thereby ensuring the continuance of a robust ideas programme.

What can ideasUK do?

ideasUK can assist with the development of all necessary planning and maintenance of the programme.

  • Advise on way forward and develop plans for setting up or revitalising the suggestion scheme.
  • Providing advice and guidance on all aspects of Reward and Recognition Programmes
  • Regular Networking Meetings
  • ideasUK National Ideas Week™
  • ideasUK Annual Conference
  • Dedicated training if required
  • ideasUK National Accreditation for your Programme
  • Members Room on Website

Why not contact us today to see how we can help your organisation?


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