Top 10 innovation and ideas management internet links – weekly round-up 9th March

Happy Friday, Everyone! Here are my top 10 links of the week, hope you enjoy them. This week I will againbe adding Twitter IDs where possible so you can follow great Tweeters as well!

  1. The rise and fall of innovation at Yahoo – A very good article from the guys at Innovation Excellence about making innovation happen within organisations. A brief explanation of how Yahoo used to incubate ideas. (Twitter – @ixchat)
  2. Disrupting the public sector – A good post explaining how to innovate in the public sector, although it has an North American slant, it can be applied to government departments in any country really. (Twitter – @harvardbiz)
  3. Cupcakes and Innovation – Any blog that can explain innovation in layman’s terms has to be good right? This post jumped out to me today. Fantastic piece that really does explain the thought process around innovation. (Twitter – @TalentAnarchy)
  4. The value of crowd sourcing – We are all aware about how important it is to engage your employees to come up with ideas, however, what if you ask your customers to collaborate with ideas of their own? Take a look here for some research that has been carried out (Twitter – @masscustom)
  5. 8 Ideas for Navigating Your Leadership Mistakes – Although not directly linked to innovation management, I spent some time reading this article and though hmmmm. A very interesting piece which I think should be printed out and put on a lot of leaders’ desks! (Twitter – @artpetty)
  6. The Separation effect for innovation – I make no excuses for linking to Paul’s blog again this week. This is one blog you should really follow (as well as ours of course!) Another great post that is well worth 10 minutes of anyone’s time. (Twitter – @PaulSloane)
  7. How the Apple iPod broke all Sony’s Walkman Rules – There has been a lot of talk this week about the ipad3, this article goes back even further and explains how Sony took their eye off the innovation prize and how Apple cornered the MP3 player market.
  8. Irresitable Innovation meets Immovable Object – I really did like this post and have now read it several times. There are a few excuses listed in this post that I come across every day. I suppose the question can be asked after reading is; how can you make innovation urgent in your organisation? (Twitter – @ovoinnovation)
  9. Gemba Walks, Kaizen the Elvis way…..”walk a mile in my shoes” – Although we have already linked to this post once this week, I really do think it is worth linking again. Should anyone need an example of how an organisation engages its employees in continuous improvement then look no further than Ricoh UK Products. (Twitter – @whatsthepont)
  10. As you know, I like to leave you with something fun for the weekend, an article popped up on my news feed this week on twitter about the solar flare from the sun. I clicked on the video and wanted to share this with you. Ignore all the doom mongering and just look at how beautiful the video of the sun looks. Totally amazing!

Well, that is my top 10 links for the week, hope you all have an innovative and creative weekend.



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