Top 10 Internet Links of the Week 16th March 2012

Top 10 Internet links of the week


Happy Friday everyone! Here are my top 10 links of the week, hope you enjoy them. As always, I will be sharing the Twitter accounts so you are able to follow them.

  1. Critical intervention points of innovation peer-to-peer engagement – Another great post on Paul4innovating’s blog looking at engagement and peer to peer review of ideas. Well worth a visit (Twitter – @paul4innovating)
  2. Have a great idea? How to tell your boss – A good article from last year on CNN about ideas programmes. The really interesting thing though is at the bottom of the page when you look at the comments. How do you think we can overcome these negative responses in our innovation programme (Twitter – @CNN)
  3. Etiquette Guide for “Idea People” – One of the most popular questions we get asked is how can we improve the quality of the idea at the point of submission, although this article is a year old, the information it gives is still very relevant today. I would recommend any ideas manager to take two minutes of their day to read it! (Twitter – @leadchangegroup)
  4. Innovation’s Collaboration Curves and Performance – Another very good article from the Andrea Mayer at Innovation Excellence about making innovation happen within organisations.A very good piece on collaboration and sharing ideas.. (Twitter – @ixchat)
  5. How to get rid of old ideas -Have you participated in a brainstorming session that felt like wasted time? For some reason no new and interesting ideas were formed? Perhaps you need to get rid of your old ideas first! (Twitter – @karin_wall)
  6. Thoughts on how we collaborate to surface the very best ideas – I love this blog, I visit it a couple of time a week and always come away with a smile on my face. Anyway, this post looks at crowd sourcing and how to ensure the best ideas come to the surface and how to action them. (Twitter – @CogniStreamer)
  7. Front Line Employees Hold the Key to Long Term Growth – A very good blog post that looks at how an engaged workforce and be the key to increased customer satisfaction. It is amazing in this day and age how many organisations still don’t make the link between happy employees and happy customers. (Twitter –@vgalovski)
  8. Why IT says no to innovation –  I Was at an organisation recently who told me they opened up an employee innovation programme, but the only ideas they had were about IT and changing systems. This is not unusual in  my experience and this post explains why sometimes the IT function says NO to innovation. – (Twitter – @ovoinnovation)
  9. What is Engagement, Really? – This caught my eye as I am asked by people to explain just what is employee engagement  Not only does this post explain what it is, it also explains the benefits of an engaged workforce .(Twitter –@_brandoncurry)
  10. Something fun for you to look at from the guys over at The Employable They have recently made a list of the Top 10 funniest job titles take a look here. The strange thing is I am sure I have seen these in real life!

Well that is my top 10 links for the week, hope you all looking forward to the weekend? For me it is a weekend of family and the RBS 6-Nations!



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