Top 10 Internet links of the week – 23rd March 2012

Happy Friday everyone! Here are my top 10 links of the week, hope you enjoy them. As always, I will be sharing the Twitter accounts so you are able to follow them.

  1. Denial and resistance versus self evaluation.  How to approach continuous improvement – Another great post from whatsthepont on continuous improvement and the constant battle faced by innovation professionals.  (Twitter – @whatsthepont)
  2. Creative Thinking and Idea Magnets – 11 Vital Creative Characteristics – Do you know people who seem to have an incredible ability to surround themselves with creative idea people? This article from the guys over at Brain Zooming (@brainzooming) look at the 11 characteristics of the creative person
  3. The Innovator’s Secret Weapon – Empathy Part 2 – I have been spending a lot of time recently at the Innovation Excellence (@ixchat) website and they really do have so good people writing articles. This one jumped out at me this week. A really good piece, go on take a look!
  4. Characteristics of Winning Communities for Social Product Innovation – I liked this post so thought I would share it. This looks at allowing both internal and external stakeholders adding value to ideas. A great thought provoking blog. (Twitter – @karin_wall)
  5. Innovation policy from an unexpected mine – 3M – Over the past few weeks I have visited several customers who have asked what do I know about the innovation policy at 3M, Mark Owen (@markjowen) has a great post on his blog about 3M and I would recommend you get yourself over there to have a little look.
  6. Why Your Brilliant Idea Just Got Watered Down to Nothing – I came across this blog by James Gardner (@bankervision) this week and just love this article for the reasoning it provides to idea submitters on why their idea may change beyond recognition before implantation.
  7. Crossing on a red light at the innovation intersection is really dangerous – Another fabulous article from Paul4innovating (@Paul4innovating) This week he looks at leaving innovation at the bottom of the list and putting it off for as long as possible. Some great points made in the post and made me stop to think about organisations I have worked with in the past.
  8. Is It Time For An Innovation Coach? – Why haven’t I seen this site before? There are some interesting articles here, but this one stuck out as being very relevant in the current economic climate. The guys over at (AIIE) The American Institute for Innovation Excellence (@AmerInstInnovEx) give an excellent argument as to why organisations should invest in people to manage innovation and not try to do it cheaply.
  9. Engaged employees inspire company innovation – I was looking around this week for articles which linked employee engagement and innovation together and came across this gem from Rich’s Management Blog (@richmeyer). Although it is no secret to us ideas practitioners that allow staff to be engaged in the business deliver great benefits to the organisation, there are still barriers within some management teams.
  10. My ‘and finally’ this week is a funny little video that some friends of mine had made for a competition for a lock picking company, they did come joint first with their entry –

Well that is my top 10 links for the week, hope you all looking forward to the weekend. For me it is a nice quiet weekend with family and friends. Have a creative and enjoyable time!



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