Why you should apply for accreditation of your innovation programme?

When we launched the ideasUK Toolbox back in 2007, we wanted to develop a method of assessing ideas / innovation programmes to ensure consistency throughout organisations.

Our vision for the accreditation model was:

  • Maintain a standard of ideas management
  • Recognise the best ideas programmes
  • Offer recognition to scheme managers
  • Provide assistance in programme development
  • Allow external publicity for successful schemes
  • Facilitate benchmarking between accreditation winners

Organisations are able to achieve four levels of accreditation for their scheme; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

In order to ensure the organisation gets as much as possible from the accreditation programme this assessment is done with us spending a day on site looking at the processes and procedures you have in place for the management of the scheme.

Some of the areas we look at are:

  • Management support
  • Budget and financial controls
  • Training and development
  • Marketing and promotion

There are around 90 questions in total for the assessment and it really is an in-depth look at your programme. At this point though, I must stress that there are no right ways or wrong ways to manage an ideas scheme within an organisation. We look to see if you are delivering what you promise to deliver in your objectives.

If, during the assessment, there are some areas that the assessor thinks need improvement it will be discussed with you and a plan of action developed for implementation prior to the next assessment.

After the assessment ideasUK provides a full and detailed report to the organisation highlighting the successful parts of the scheme and any areas for improvement.

The accreditation assessments are generally carried out in September / October and the awards presented at our conference in November.

During 2011, the following organisations applied for and achieved accreditation:

  • BT – Platinum Level
  • Dubai Customs – Platinum Level
  • Diageo – Gold Level
  • Identity and Passport Service – Platinum Level
  • HSBC – Platinum Level
  • Nationwide Building Society – Platinum Level (Previously Gold)
  • Ricoh UK Products – Platinum Level
  • Siemens – Gold Level (Previously Silver)
  • UK Border Agency – Platinum Level (Previously Gold)

Some of the benefits for your organisation in applying for accreditation are:

Ensuring that your organisation is committed to recognising and rewarding individuals for their contribution and that there are processes in place to maintain the momentum of a robust suggestion programme that can deliver on the business objectives of the organisation.

International recognition for the excellent performance of your suggestion programme and your organisation.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out more about accreditation of your ideas programme!


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