International Ideas Week 2012

What are YOU doing to promote Innovation and Creativity
within your organisation?

Join us during International Ideas Week between 14 – 18 May 2012 which will be themed around Ideas, Innovation and Engagement.

Free events will be held in London and Cardiff.

Running between 9am and 12.30pm there will be advice and practical examples from organisations that are making employee innovation an important part of their business. They not only deliver major cost savings to the business but also a highly motivated workforce that is fit to face the future.

ideasUK launched National Ideas Day on 14th March 2001. The original day (14 March) having been chosen as a special day to focus on creativity and innovation in the workplace on the anniversary of Einstein’s birth.

Due to the success of celebrating this special day our members asked that the celebrations be extended to a week in May. So each year ideasUK International Ideas Week™ is celebrated.

This allows our members to hold special events within their organisations as well as attend the one-day seminars arranged as part of these celebrations – ideasUK International Ideas Week™

So what’s it all about then?

Having a nationally recognised ideasUK International Ideas Week™ can help promote suggestion schemes. It gives us a wonderful opportunity to advertise our own schemes and to encourage employees to submit new ideas.

It can be used to encourage employers to start new schemes or to rejuvenate old ones.

It can be used to encourage new members to ideasUK thereby adding to the wealth of experience and benchmarking opportunities available to all members.

Winning Support

Management support is vital to the success of suggestion and recognition programmes. A special event can be used to invite renewed interest and support from management.

By reminding them of the contribution ideas from employees have made to efficiency and profitability over the last year, as well as the positive impact on staff morale and improved communication, can encourage them to take a more proactive role in supporting and developing the scheme.

It may be helpful to remind managers of the commitment given by other leading organisations (including competitors) and the CBI to supporting employee involvement in suggestion programmes.

Objectives of International Ideas Week

• To focus on creativity and innovation within organisations, private and public sector

• To understand that there is a vast untapped resource of creative ideas

• To encourage organisations to implement programmes to harvest employee’s ideas and turn creative thought into innovation

• If you are launching an ideas scheme, arranging a special marketing event for your existing ideas programme or a campaign seeking ideas on a specific subject area or problem, why not promote this during ideasUK International Ideas Week™?

Our Events

As mentioned earlier in the post, we will be hold two events to celebrate International Ideas Week:

Cardiff 10th May – Engagement and how important it is to business? – Hosted by the Wales Audit Office.

London 15th May – Ideas and Innovation – Unleashing the creativity of employees! – Hosted by the Ministry of Defence.

Both these events are FREE, but places are limited, to book your place at either of these events please register at the following links:

Cardiff –

London –

Promotional Material

If you use international ideas week to promote innovation within your organisation, we have produced some free promotional materials for you to use. These can be accessed through our website here

There is also a new Twitter account for you to follow us on @ideasweek2012 and the hashtag for the event will be #iiw2012.

So, why not use International Ideas Week to promote innovation within your organisation? Use the week to have fun and show that creativity can be a great way to benefit your business.


3 thoughts on “International Ideas Week 2012

  1. Using International Ideas Week will be perfect for any organization this will surely encourage employee to engage more and share their thoughts for the company.

    • Hi Emily,

      Good points, we really want organisations to embrace the fact that employees are a fantastic resource to the company and can offer so much more!


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