Top 10 Internet Links of the Week 27th April 2012

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the lack of a list last week, I was busy treading the boards at an amateur musical production Here are my top 10 links of the week, hope you enjoy them. As always, I will be sharing the Twitter accounts so you are able to follow them.

  1. Putting the “R” into Innovation – This is another wonderful post from paul4innovating (@paul4innovating), if you are not following this blog, you really should be, there is a ton of content here for anyone who is interested in innovation.
  2. The staff don’t understand, quick draw them a picture or something……. – Whatsthepont (@whatsthepont) is a very good friend of mine and is passionate about staff engagement and innovation. This post is an excellent post about engaging employees through pictures, well worth a read and a follow on Twitter.
  3. Selecting the best from you idea generation session  –  Loved this post by Ken Jacobs on how to run a good ideas generations session. Raised some really good points about banning negative views of ideas in the initial stage of generation. Sometimes the best ideas are the wackiest ideas (@kensviews)
  4. Look for the Solution Inside the Problem – One of the great things about following @paulslaone on Twitter is that there are some great articles reposted. Paul has a great in depth knowledge on innovation tools and creative thinking and this piece from 2008 is one of my favourites.
  5.  How To Prepare for Your Salary Negotiation [6 Clever Ideas] – Not really linked to anything that is normally on this blog, but really did love this post about being smart when the time comes to ask for a pay rise. ( @UndercoverRecruiter)
  6. How do Users Influence Innovation? – I had stumbled upon this article this week and was very impressed with the amount of detail that Kevin McFathing (@innovationfixer) had included in the piece. Well worth 15 minutes of your time to read and digest.
  7. Innovation in a different habitat – One of the organisations that we have recently starting developing links with is ISPIM (@ispim) Looking at their site this week I came across this gem of a post looking at innovation outside of R&D departments.
  8. Innovation and Diversity – Don’t let the title fool you, this is an great article from Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr (@ralph_ohr) which looks at a topic we have covered previously – The DNA of an innovator. How important are networks for innovators and do internal networks help or hinder innovation.
  9. Getting Innovation Backwards –  There are some organisation that collect a bucket load of Ideas in the hope that one will be good, this blog by Jeffery Phillips (@ovoinnovation) asks the question is it better to get lots of ideas or good quality implementable ideas. What do you think?
  10. And finally…… I make no apology for promoting International Ideas Week 2012 that takes place on the 14-18th May 2012. We will be launching a dedicated website for the event over the weekend and we want everyone to get involved. This year, as a bit of fun we will be asking the general public to tell us what will make their day better. To keep upto date with all things to do with International Ideas Week you can follow the week on Twitter – @ideasweek2012 and further information can be found on the blog here.

Well that is my top 10 links for the week, hope you all looking forward to the weekend?



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