Innovators challenged for International Ideas Week

Are you hassled at home, stressed at studies or whacked out at work?

What one idea would make your day better?  Which one simple change could put a smile on your face and take some stress out of your day?

This year’s International Ideas Week (commencing May 14), is inviting people across the country to nominate one idea that would make their day easier.

“International Ideas Week is about encouraging innovation and creative thinking, and to get people to realise that sometimes small innovations – at work or at home – can make a big difference,” says Anthony Denatale of ideasUK.

Suggestions already recorded at internationalideasweek.com include this simple recession busting idea – a skills bank in every town where you could swap, for example, an hour’s ironing for an hour’s for an hour’s gardening, to get things done without spending cold hard cash.

How’s about being green on the go? If manufacturers were to fit a miniature wind turbine into cycle helmets, your peddle power could recharge portable battery devices such as mp3 players, iPods and iPads as you cycle.

Or being pampered to the extreme of laziness by incorporating a camera into your e-book reader to track the movement of the eye, so that if you nod off, the line you were reading at the time would be highlighted making it easier to find where you were up to.

“This year we want people to have fun and come up with wacky ideas, however off the wall, to encourage innovation and creative thinking,” says Anthony.

“Just look around your home or office at some of the things that have been created to make your life easier – if someone hadn’t had the idea for a kettle, we’d still be boiling water in a pan and getting regularly scalded in the process.

“If you relate that to your workplace, often small, niggly problems can make your workday unnecessarily stressful and ironically, bosses could probably improve productivity if they were to listen to their staff and address issues, however small.

“Some companies spend thousands of pounds on consultants to tell them things their own staff have been telling them for years and for free!

“ideasUK encourages bosses to harness staff innovation and implement practical suggestions which could make their teams less stressed and in some cases the company more profitable.”

International Ideas Week runs from May 14-18.  You can register your – wacky or worthy – idea at www.internationalideasweek.com


2 thoughts on “WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA?

  1. I’m not entirely sure the turbine on a bike helmet is feasible. Technology already exists to use a dynamo to power lights on a bike, so why not use that system to provide power instead?

    • Ah, but you could expand it and say, well, what about a solar panal on the helment that way you could charge things just by leaving the helment somewhere during the day :o)

      Ps Was good to meet Kay yesterday at the event in London

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