How Not to Engage…

Now, something about my home life that you should know is that my wife loves soap operas on television. Well, one in particular, and that is Coronation Street. For readers of this blog overseas, this is a soap that is set in the North of England and is set around a working class street.

So, what does this have to do with employee engagement I hear you ask?

Well, on Monday night, my wife was watching some episodes of this soap and something really struck me. In the show, one of the central points is a factory that manufactures ladies underwear run by a character called Carla.

This is not new though, this soap has been running for over 50 years and every owner of the business have been what can only been classed as bullies.

Is this how small business owners are seen by the main stream media?

Maybe, I can use this post to try and give Carla some tips on how to engage her workforce, so Carla, this is for you:

  1. Stop using your employees as a disposable resource that can be hired and fired at will.
  2. Praise goes a long way in business; whether big or small, if you praise employees for a job well done then productivity will be much higher.
  3. Recognise your best and develop the weaker employees in your business
  4. Try setting SMART goals with your employees
  5. Do you want to be a manager or a leader? There are vast differences between both.
  6. Make some capital investment in your business to make the working environment a better place to be and to work.
  7. Look at your own skills, are there any gaps in your key skills that need to be addressed?

I found this video on youtube this week when doing some research about engagement, take a look and tell me if you spot any of your behaviours here:

So before you try to lead other and engage your workforce, take a look at yourself and ask the question, would I be engaged if I was my manager?


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