Employee Engagement, Greater Productivity, Better Performance

Thursday 5th July, Cardiff.

Join us in Cardiff for our next FREE event!

Two half day sessions 9.30 – 12.30 and 1.30 – 4.30

Session format:

• Introduction and objectives of the session
• Overview of employee engagement, staff involvement and suggestion schemes

1 hour workshop:

• Overview of employee engagement, staff involvement and suggestion schemes from internationally successful organisations – HSBC • RICOH • MoD (GEMs Scheme) and  Improlity software.

The workshops will be covering specific topics:

• The role of leaders in supporting engagement
• Practical Engagement tools / approaches
• Better productivity and performance through engagement
• How to engage staff through electronic media

Networking Break

1 hour workshop:

• Repeat of the workshops run earlier so that delegates are able to gain experiences
from a number of different sectors.

Call to action:

• What can you take away and use from today?
• A key feature of the event will be to take away practical actions which can be implemented and to generate information that can be shared with others.

Close of session

The session will be repeated in the afternoon. There are a limited number of full day places available for delegates travelling significant distances, or those wishing to gain experiences from all of the organisations participating.

The event is being hosted by the Wales Audit Office at 24 Cathedral Road, Cardiff.

For further information and booking please check:

The IdeasUK website & blog – www.blog.ideasuk.com

Email Anthony Denatale at – anthony@ideasuk.com

Twitter – follow ideasUK @ideasworldwide


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