Office Bliss……

I had this infographic sent over to me last night and thought it would be good to share it with you:

Thank you to – Daily Infographic for posting this.

The text that accompanied the graphic stated:

Call it a “case of the Mondays,” but surveys and studies show Americans’ happiness in the workplace decreasing each year. It is no coincidence that as job security ebbs happiness dissipates with it. But there are other factors to employee happiness at work, and the infographic below takes a stab at why you should care.

The infographic illustrates that happy and engaged employees do a better job at work and are more likely to stay in their jobs. It’s common sense, yet how many people hate their jobs because the corporate culture is thankless and depressing?

Scroll down to see if your current job is one of the top five happiest jobs (who knew that Biotechnology workers and Customer Service Representative were so darn happy?) and why Facebook is allegedly a positive force at work. Apparently, exposure to Facebook and other social media sites enhances both contentment and productivity. Perhaps I need to show this to my boss…

Now, although the study was carried out in North America, this is the same all over the world. The message is simple, happier employees means a more profitable organisation.

One thing to note is that 52% of people value the relationship they have with their manager or supervisor. How many managers can honestly say they value the role their employees play in the business?

Once again, thanks to the guys at Daily Infographic for posting this, there is a huge resource over at their site, why not pop over for a look.





3 thoughts on “Office Bliss……

  1. “How many managers can honestly say they value the role their employees play in the business?” – I can say that. It is why I am able to get the most out of talent and get things done – productivity, driving deals, generating profits.

    • I agree with you totally, you will be surprised how many managers I speak to on a regular basis who do not fully realise the the value of their employees and treat them as just another resource that can be used and abused.

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