Idea of the Year Shortlist 2012

Well it has been a pretty busy time here at ideasUK over the past few weeks. The closing date for entries to the 2012 Idea of the Year Competition came and it was time to shortlist the entries.

Idea of the Year Winners 2010

This year we had over 90 ideas from all over the world including countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and of course the United Kingdom.

The judges usually have the ideas around two weeks before the shortlisting meeting which gives them a chance to take a good look at each idea, understand it and mark the idea out of 10.

The three judges then meet for two days and discuss each idea in turn and discuss the scores they have given. These discussions are great, sometimes we have spend a great deal of time on just one idea and I am then sent off to get more information from the organisation if needed. You will however, be very surprised on how close the judges normally are on their personal scores.

This year, we have shortlisted 35 ideas and have invited the shortlisted finalists to our conference in November to meet the judges and have a 20 minute face to face discussion.

This year our finalists are:

Name Organisation Idea Title
Salim Ali Farsi ALKitbi Dubai Customs Dubai Customs Inspectors and Female Inspectors Narcotic Bag Seizure
Shama Khalaf Al Marri Dubai Customs Annual Mass Wedding for Dubai Customs Employees
Firoj Kumar Meher, Rolando Ignacio Emirates Aluminium To eliminate the chances of breaking a PC (Personal Carrier) charging sockets
Leyson, EM1021, ULLAS EM1451 Emirates Aluminium Modification of alumina & ALF3 funnels
Briljesh EM 1403, Ratheesan EM 2193 Emirates Aluminium Pressure vessel bin silo safety v/v design defect
Muhammad Irfan EM0493, Naseem Ul Hasnane EM0502, Leo Vega EM1376 Emirates Aluminium Hydraulic Crusher Dust Emission
Mahantesh Rampu, Abid Masood, Firoj Kumar Meher, M Bala Subramaniam, Ganesan Rangaswamy Emirates Aluminium To install additional sensor for detection of 21st anode
Siva Kumar Marudhai, Madras Sarvan Emirates Aluminium Avoid operator close to shearing machine
Leyson EM1021, Luis EM768 Emirates Aluminium Replacement of inlet/outlet flex joint
Romulo E Pacifico & R.G. Cuyno Dubai Aluminium Tapping scale testing jig
Benith Nelson & J.K. Jacob Dubai Aluminium Re-route the sensor cable for liquid pitch tanker
Qadir Ahmend, E.B. Sabio & K.Z. Hussain Dubai Aluminium Provision of trailer for CD20 superstructure lifting bail transportation
Javed Iqbal, Wazir Khan & Bashir Mohiuddin Dubai Aluminium Loading / unloading jig for anodes and butts
Joel Evasco & Frederick Boyles Dubai Aluminium Elimination of material leakage using air sealing in Bath Distribution System
C.M.Hugos, D. Kumar, M.M.Mendoza & P. Kadirvelu Dubai Aluminium Optimize swarf collection on HDC casting machines
Elizabeth Baker Nationwide Building Society Reduce stationery costs, post, time and risk
Christopher Moule Nationwide Building Society Branches to keep a stock of Inland Revenue R40 documents to give to customers who request a refund of tax paid.
Paul Garratt Nationwide Building Society To amend the ViewPoint survey (employee survey) so that employees can choose which charity their donation for completing the form goes to
Adam Low Nationwide Building Society Key a transaction code (KA 31) to convet interest warants from annual to monthly or monthly to annual interest
Khalid Ahmed, Syed Ateeq Ur Rehaman Dubai Electricity & Water Authority Combining of Outages to reduce Customer Supply Interruption
Mr Mata Al Mehairi, Mr Moustafa Shahin Dubai Electricity & Water Authority Alarm system against substation’s earthing theft
Nasser Mohammed Lootah, Mahmoud R H Baniabbasi, Khalil Sabt, Nebojsa Simic, Abdul Majeed A. Rauf Al Awar Dubai Electricity & Water Authority Thermal Energy Storage Turbine Inlet Air Chilling (TESTIAC)
Usama Omar Mohamed Klf Radwan Dubai Electricity & Water Authority Earthing Monitoring and Alarm System
Major General Tarish Eid Al Mansoori, Major Dr. Jassem Mohammed Abdulla Dubai Police General Headquarters Restructuring of Human Resources in Dubai Police General Headquarters
Kalaf Rashid Abdullah Al Shamsi Dubai Police General Headquarters Horse-Walker Machine
Eddy EM 2020, Joebhy EM 634, Vicente EM 067 Emirates Aluminium Bath Hopper discharge pipe weight reduction
Edgardo Cornilio Ravara Almajdouie Group Manufacturing of Chocolate Cooling Tunnel
Jim Kelly IPS Data Deadline
Alastair Orr, Duncan Waal, Colin Munro, Alex Johannesen, Stevie Gitsham, Chisholm Urquhart, willie Dennison, Jim Henderson, Grant Gedds, Graham Sutherland, Davie Paul, Alan Campbell, David Lorimer Diageo CIP Rinse Tank Pipework 

There were also another eight finalists from BT and the Minstry of Defence that we have been asked not to publicise at the point in time due to sensitive commercial issues.

So all told it has been a great couple of weeks and shortlisting is one of the most interesting parts of what we do at ideasUK.

Idea of the Year Winner 2011

Last year’s winner of the award was Adrian Robbins from BUPA who suggested that every employee have a smile fund of £50.00 per year that they could use to give to customers a little gift and improve customer service.

So who will win in 2012, well the competiton is the toughest I have seen yet and it is difficult to say.

Which is my favourite idea? Well that will be telling, all I can say is, why not ask me for some information about our awards dinner and conference and you can find out with winner yourself!


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