I Pledge…

Yesterday we held an Engagement Event in conjunction with the Wales Audit Office in Cardiff. The event was well supported with over 40 delegates attending the day. There were workshops hosted by HSBC, Ricoh and the Ministry of Defence.

Employee Engagement Welcome Address

Over the next few weeks, we will be blogging the presentations from the day as well as the outputs from the group discussions.

Now anyone who has been to a recent ideasUK networking workshop knows that delegates can’t get away without taking something they have learnt back to their organisation.

At the end of yesterday’s session, we asked all the delegates to come up with one pledge of something they are going to change when they get back to their organisation. I have removed the names, however, I would like to publish the raw pledges here so you get a flavour of the day as well as providing a prompt to those who attended.

  • Cascade the message from today – time is ripe to start this. On a personal level ensure I am saying thank you more, I think I am but need to check!
  • Encourage people to celebrate their success – Not give up
  • Starting from scratch and putting into effect what I have learned today. 

My Pledge - Employee Engagement

  • I wish I had been at the event all day, but enjoyed the afternoon session. I will discuss the ideas session within my division and make sure I say thank you more often.
  • Sharing the info from today across public services with a view to developing some more activities (utilising Welsh public sector experiences) using collective common power / purpose / aims. Develop further coherence / sharing of best practice.
  • Say thank you lots!  Set example for others to follow. Agitate: Through good practice Wales and other on-line platforms (Blogs)
  • Focus more on the engaged staff and focus less on the less on the disengaged employees.
  • Keep representing the voice of the employees and challenge those who are able to make positive changes.
  • Stand back and let others take over. Tell stories more – and better! Move on to a full time engagement job.

So that was our latest event, the feedback we have had so far has been great, so. if you would like to see some pictures from the event, they are on our Facebook page.

Do keep a look out for our next blog post which will focus on developing a ‘thank you culture’ within your organisation.

Before we sign off from this post, we would like to say a big thank you to the Wales Audit Office, HSBC, Ricoh UK Products and The Ministry of Defence for all their help in making the day a success.


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