Engagement the HSBC way

In the first of the articles after the Engagement event on Thursday 5th July, we have decided to focus on the ‘Best Place to Suggest’scheme from HSBC. As anyone who was at the presentation on Thursday will testifiy  the scheme is run with a great passion by Michael, Zufi and James and it is delivering great results for the bank in the United Kingdom.

Some highlights from the presentation:
  • Best Place to Suggest scheme for 36,500 staff and receive over 8000 suggestions a year
  • The key marketing channels within the organisation for the scheme are internal TV, events, networking, teaching / tool kits, ads, intranet, enews/emails, word of mouth
  • The scheme markets itself through great branding, certificates, roadshows, winners’ lunch, idea of the month  
  • Central ideas team have developed 2, 5 and 10 minute toolkits for managers to use to get scheme’s message across depending on each team’s needs.
  • Social Media is key to the success of the programme and they have an online, interactive site for employees to submit ideas. This also allows other staff within the business to comment and vote on ideas as well as see the most discussed ideas
  • The online platform provides marketing tools as well: engagement statistics, employee location, online collaboration
  • HSBC reward suggestions with recognition rather than a monetary value. They find individuals prefer it and it develops a great ‘Thank You’ culture within the organisation.
  • The employee engagement programme has been so successful in the UK, they’re rolling it out worldwide and allowing more people to become involved in the scheme.

So, HSBC prove no matter how big or diverse your organisation, there is no excuse not to have a good quality engagement programme that involves all employees within the organisation.

In summary, the following points were gained from the session:

  • Recognition works better than reward
  • Management need to support the programme from the top
  • Deliver what you promise
  • The engagement programme should not be seen as just another initiative for the organisation.

How do you engage your employees within the business and what are YOU going to do to make the change today?


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