Engagement at the Ministry of Defence…

Ministry of Defence Employee Engagement Scheme - GEMs

This is the second of our posts regarding last week’s engagement event at the Wales Audit Office.

Today we are going to look at the Ministry of Defence Ideas Scheme which is known as GEMs.


Some highlights from the presentation:

  • Introduced in 1996 as part of a defence wide initiative
  • Covers all staff with the organisation including contractors
  • Awards are made on a local level.

Primary objectives of the programme are:-

  • Promote and Encourage Ideas that improve efficiency or organisation within the Department
  • Improve Ways of Working

Secondary Aim of the Scheme

  • Save the department money

The Scheme is not a substitute for reporting shortcomings in materiel, design or health & safety procedures through the normal administrative channels or for rewarding good work.

Results for 2010 / 2011 –

  • Ideas submitted – 1621
  • Ideas Awards – 597
  • Value of Savings – £13.8m

One of the great things about GEMs is the amount of recognition that is given to the submitters when an idea has been implemented.

All ideas implemented are eligible to be taken forward for the annual awards ceremony where recognition is given for the best ideas by the Chief of Defence and Parliamentary Under Secretary for Defence.

Those who attended the presentation will agree that the scheme is well run by Stuart, Tina and the local award groups and it delivers good value to the organisation in these tough times of cuts to funding in the public sector.

For more information about GEMs. Please take a look at their website HERE


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