I have two jobs…The story of Ricoh UK Products and Employee Engagement

In the third article from reviewing the speakers at our engagement event on the 5th July, we come to Ricoh UK Products.

Chris Nicholls - Ricoh

A presentation from Ricoh is always guaranteed to get people buzzing and this time was no different. Rob Bland and Chris Nicholls display such passion for employee engagement it is almost infectious.

Highlights from the session:

  • Overall 73% of the staff are totally engaged in the business
  • Engagement has full support of the management team
  • Almost 3000 ideas submitted during 2011
  • Cost savings of £220k during 2011
  • Only one tool in the box to engage employees and improve efficiency
  • Multi award winning engagement programme

One of the key’s to success is shown on the last slide of the presentation. When asked how many jobs and they have, an employee will always say two; their normal job and continual improvement. How many other organisations can honestly say their organisations are the same?

One thing I like about the way Ricoh do things is that it involved everyone from the CEO downwards, everyone is encouraged to submit an idea and everyone is recognised the same.

Chris Nicholls will be delivering a workshop at our annual conference in November, so you will have the ideal opportunity to discuss the success he has driven at Ricoh and maybe his infectious enthusiasm will rub off on you!


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