Idea of the Year Competition 2015

Every year ideasUK holds the Idea of the Year Competition, which gives our members many benefits, such as providing additional recognition for their suggesters/organisation, as well as assisting with marketing their programme and enhancing management support.

Remember that next week is the final week to submit your entries, as the closing date is fast approaching; May 31st 2015, so don’t miss out.

To enter, members simply need to select and submit the best ideas that have been implemented within their organisation for the running year. All entries are assessed by an independent panel of judges who shortlist between 20-30 ideas. Entrants who are shortlisted for the final are required to attend the ideasUK International Conference in November, in order to have an opportunity to discuss their ideas with the panel of judges.

This year sees a change being made to the categories available to enter against; with 11 category winner spots available alongside the overall winner of the Competition. The new categories are;

  • Sustainability
  • Health and Safety
  • Customer Focus
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Value for Money
  • Process Improvement
  • Computer Software
  • Innovation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Technology
  • Judges Special Achievement
  • Idea of the Year

As always, we have had a lot of interest expressed by members so we would ask that you please go to the members website for the full details around the competition including the current guidelines and entry form.

Although the Competition is open to members only, we also encourage non-members to research the Competition too, because free entry in to the Competition, is just one of the many benefits you will receive if you were to become a member with ideasUK.

Alongside this, membership will also provide you with countless opportunities to recognise, market and promote your organisations scheme, as well as learning from others as to the successes and pitfalls of their schemes.

Please go to our public website for more information on ideasUK and to see how we could potentially be of help to you and your organisation.

In the meanwhile, we hope you all enjoy the bank holiday weekend ahead and we look forward to receiving the last of the Competition entries next week.


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