Other Awards…

Other Awards

One of the great things about our conference is the chance to recognise organisations for the good work they do in relation to Suggestion Schemes and Benchmarking. Alongside our Idea of the Year award, we present Accreditation Awards and new for 2012 Benchmarking Awards. Continue reading


UAE and Suggestion Schemes…

I have just spent the past week in the United Arab Emirates visiting companies and auditing their suggestion schemes for accreditation 2012.

As most of you know, the UAE has developed hugely over the past 15 years and Dubai is hardly recognisable from the town it was in the late 90’s. Something that may surprise you though is how employee engagement is taking hold within Governmental Departments in the area.

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Why you should apply for accreditation of your innovation programme?

When we launched the ideasUK Toolbox back in 2007, we wanted to develop a method of assessing ideas / innovation programmes to ensure consistency throughout organisations.

Our vision for the accreditation model was:

  • Maintain a standard of ideas management
  • Recognise the best ideas programmes
  • Offer recognition to scheme managers Continue reading

Other Winners at the conference

As well as the Idea of the Year Award Winners being announced at the conference there were also a number of other awards given.


This year there were seven Accreditation Awards presented:

At Platinum Level

Commercial Bank of Dubai
Identity and Passport Service
Ricoh UK Products Ltd

At Gold Level Continue reading

It’s Accreditation Time again!

Well, it is that time of the year again where you should think about applying for the ideasUK Accreditation.

Last year we had four organisations who achieved the Platinum Level – Bupa, Identity and Passport Service, HSBC and Ricoh. Already this year we have organisations who have applied and these will be assessed in the next few weeks. Continue reading