Idea of the Year Competition 2012

Seen by many organisations as THE employee suggestions competition worldwide, it is time once again to submit your ideas to the ideasUK Idea of the Year Competition.

Adrian Robbins
Idea of the Year Winner

The awards are changing slightly this year. We have refined the categories for 2012 to make them more relevant for organisations. The new categories and descriptions can be found below.


Awarded in recognition of the suggestion that demonstrates the greatest contribution to the conservation of natural resources, protecting the natural environment or sustainable project. Also ideas that benefit the community outside the business.

Health and Safety

Awarded in recognition of the suggestion that demonstrates the greatest contribution to the improvement in health and safety of products, services or the workplace.

Customer Focus

Awarded in recognition of the suggestion that demonstrates the greatest positive impact to the customer or an idea which has been developed which puts the customer first.

Continuous Improvement

Awarded in the recognition of ideas which raises the general awareness and importance of continuous improvement within the organisation and improves the way in which work is planned and implemented.

Value for Money

Awarded in recognition of the suggestion that demonstrates the greatest cost savings, cost avoidance or income generation.

Global Award

Awarded in recognition of the suggestion that demonstrated the greatest global impact for an organisation.

Innovation Award

Awarded in recognition of the suggestion which demonstrates the best in original thinking to achieve improvement. As well as truly innovative ideas, this can also include the application of existing ideas or procedures in an entirely new context.

Idea of the Year

The idea considered to be the best of all shortlisted entries.

There is no entry fee. A condition of entry is that shortlisted finalists are required to attend our conference on 8th & 9th November 2012, and finalist’s organisations are required to provide a display giving details of the idea at the Annual Conference.

All entries will be assessed by an independent panel of judges who will shortlist between 20-30 ideas and the suggestors will have an opportunity at the conference to discuss their idea with the judges during an informal session of no more than fifteen minutes.

The closing date for entries is 30th April 2012 and ideasUK members can find the entry form in the member’s area of our website.

Non members are more than welcome to contact us at to see how you can be involved in this year’s competition.


Innovation is in the blood by Andy Beddows

ideasUK Roll of Honour (opens pdf doc)

Anyone who has had contact with the world of innovation in recent years will be all too familiar with the well known beacons of innovation; Wind-up radio, Dyson and Post-Its to name but a few, which are but the tip of a very big iceberg. Let’s face it, if there is one thing we, the human race, are good at its innovation. But what goes on ‘below the water line’, below the whiz bang inventions? Where can you find a perfect cross section of innovation at a day to day level across private and public sectors in, say, the UK?

Well, recently I had the task of updating the ideasUK Roll of Honour and rather than just adding the latest award winners to the list I took a wider look at the whole document. Continue reading