10 Myths & Misconceptions about Ideas by Andy Beddows

Misconceptions about ideas can sink your ideas programme. But since we don’t want to see your hard work go down the drain, we would like to clarify a few points for you. These ‘Ten Biggest Myths’ are adapted from Ideas Are Free by Alan Robinson & Dean Schroeder, to whom we are most grateful.

Myth 1. Big, breakthrough ideas are the ones needed to gain any real advantage.

Fact – Big ideas are often highly visible, and are therefore easily discovered and countered by competitors. On the other hand, most small ideas remain proprietary because there is no natural mechanism for them to migrate to competitors. Over time, small ideas accumulate into a tremendous competitive advantage that is sustainable; the kind of advantage managers should be striving for.

Myth 2. Managers should focus on getting big ideas – little ones aren’t worth the time.

Fact – Small ideas enable an organisation to pay exceptional attention to detail. In many important aspects of business – such as customer service, responsiveness, quality, and managing costs – excellence means getting the details right. It is simply impossible to improve performance beyond a certain level without small ideas. A superior ability to handle details can allow an organisation to do things its competitors literally cannot do.

Myth 3. Without rewards, people won’t give in ideas.

Fact – Yes & No! Continue reading


Top 10 innovation and ideas management links – weekly round-up 10th February

Here is my round up of all the things I have been reading this week, as usual, there is no particular order, just things that have caught my eye.

  1. One of the questions we are always asked is regarding the tax implications of running an ideas programme within the United Kingdom. This article does a pretty good job of explaining it and it comes from a tax accountant.
  2. Found a great blog this week called The Employable. A great source of articles for the person looking for a job. Well worth a visit and spend some time there.
  3. Another blog that has recently linked into us vgalovski I have spent a few hours on this blog in the past week and the content is very good. Take a look for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.
  4. One of the delegates from our last networking session has done their own blog post about the event and asking the question – Can Social Media Enhance an Ideas Scheme – Again, do take a look and see what you think. Continue reading

Top 10 innovation and ideas management internet links – weekly round-up 27th January

It has been a while, but we are back with our infamous top 10 list of things that have caught our interest and have been reading this week! As usual, in no particular order

  1. Excellent article about ideas generation
  2. Some great links within this piece about cutting bureaucracy in business
  3. What innovation can do for your life
  4. Linking ideas schemes with Six Sigma Continue reading

Top 10 innovation and ideas management internet links – weekly round-up 30th October

Sorry folks, you must have thought I had forgotten all about you, it has been a hectic few weeks with customer visits and accreditation sessions (More on that in a future blog post).

I have met some great people over the past few weeks and visited many different organisations with different cultures. The one thing that stood out though is the passion and drive that is still there for innovation!

Anyway, here is my top 10 articles I have been reading this week, if you would like to suggest a link to me, just comment on the bottom of the page.

  1. I am always on the look out for sites that can help my innovation knowledge. Take a look at this page, some really good articles
  2. Making Open Innovation work. “Big and small companies—you need to open up!” This is the key message in this book, it is being given as a free download, chapter by chapter
  3. Staff Suggestion Schemes – A penny for your thoughts? Another good article that re-enforces what we have been saying at ideasUK for our entire history.
  4. 10 Reasons Why Innovation Suggestion Schemes and Idea Boxes Fail – I know I have linked to this article before. However, I think it is always good to revisit some articles especially one as good as this Continue reading

Top 10 innovation & ideas management links – weekly round-up 7th October

Well, planning for the conference continues apace and we have also been busy carrying out Accreditation visits to our members. After each organisation I visit I think I have seen all the best things happening with suggestions schemes and ideas, but each organisation surprises me with their innovative approach to employee engagement, which is fantastic news.

Anyway, here is my top 10 articles I have been reading this week, if you would like to suggest a link to me, just comment on the bottom of the page.

  1. Last week, someone commented on the blog and said I should take a look at this article and share it with you. This sums up employee driven innovation perfectly, it also shows how recognition for suggestions can take many forms.
  2. The Sunday Times take a look at innovation and show that organisations are teaming up with Universities and students to develop products or services.
  3. What do you prefer, one big idea that save lots of money or smaller changes in the business? A good explanation and video to watch.
  4. Where do you get your ideas?  It just goes to prove what we have been saying for years; that you get ideas when you least expect them. Continue reading

Top 10 innovation and ideas management internet links – weekly round-up 23rd September

What a great week it has been in the blogosphere for articles this week, on Tuesday, I managed to get a few hours in my diary to visit a few sites that I have not been to for a while. It is good to see that Innovation is still in many people’s minds and employee driven innovation is being taken seriously by organisations.

Anyway, here is my top 10 articles I have been reading this week, if you would like to suggest a link to me, just comment on the bottom of the page.

  1. Firstly there was this piece on a blog that caught my eye – 4 ways great leaders use the 4-Drive Model to impact employee’s motivation. As we know, motivating employees can be a hard process, many before us have failed. Take a look at this post though, it is very good.
  2. Don’t know where to start the journey of innovation within your organisation? Well, you could take a look at this blog post it’s very good and very concise!
  3. Is this the best time to be innovative? Most people say when times are tough the innovators survive, the article asks the same question. What do you think?
  4. I came across this today. I like the points made in the post,  it is clearly written by someone who knows what they are talking about. Continue reading

Top 10 innovation and ideas management links – weekly round-up 16th September

First of all a big apology for last week, I got a little waylaid with meeting some fantastic, new customers and totally forgot to post my top 10. Anyway, I’m back this week, better than ever, with a great list!

  1. Ever wondered if how to handle ideas when they come in? Most organisations need a solution to ensure the proper management of ideas. The top 6 reasons why if you build your idea management system they will come Another great post by the guys at Front End Innovation.
  2. A bit controversial this one. Worth a read, if only for the comments section below.
  3. Although I have never met the guys at Front End Innovation, they seem to be giving the same message as ideasUK. I would not be surprised that if I ever met them, they would be dopplegangers of me. They seem to have similar thoughts as I do in all their posts!
  4. How many times have you been in a brainstorming session and nothing has happened afterwards? This should explain why and what you can do to avoid no actions! Continue reading

Top 10 innovation and ideas management internet links – weekly round-up 2nd September

Wow, it’s already September, where has the year gone? Here in Wales, we’re beginning to feel a twinge of Autumn in the air, however, that means it’s nearing D-Day for our conference and we’re getting rather excited about it, menus confirmed, rooms booked and looking forward to meeting the delegates. In the meantime, here’s this week’s links:

  1. How to Tap Employee Ideas Fantastic piece about how and why to tap employee ideas, did you know how the post-it note was invented? Read the article and you will find out.
  2. Some tips and techniques on how to develop cost benefit analysis Not really ideas management related, but it always good to know.
  3. The benefits of self management I am not really a person for self-help articles, but this caught my eye and was a good read so I thought I would share.
  4. Told you we were getting excited about our conference: We’d like to remind everyone about our conference in November, it is a great event, and this year we celebrate our 25th Anniversary. Continue reading

Top 10 innovation and ideas management internet links – weekly round-up 26th August

It’s Friday and the end of another great week, here’s my latest blog posts covering topics from crowd sourcing, employee rewards and engagement, plus scanning your cat:

  1. This article was sent over to me via a comment on the blog last week by @GetVetter. Keeping it Simple – Can 3 Guys Build an Idea Management System in 54 Hours?
  2. Every day I get asked: what is the best software for managing an idea programme?   This article covers most of the suppliers in North America and I have added a few from the UK.
  3. Everyone Innovates Everyday – Collaborative Idea Management at Ericsson.   Interesting take on innovation within Ericsson
  4. Finding different ways to reward employees. You know, whether to reward or not is one of the big questions with Ideas Schemes. Continue reading

Top 10 innovation and ideas management internet links – weekly round-up 19th August

And this week I’d like to present for your delectation and delight the following links:

  1. I love rewards too… but it takes more to engage your employees – An intriguing piece on the right way and wrong way to reward employees.
  2. What is innovative leadership? A look at what innovation leadership is all about in business, what does it look like and how it benefits your organisation.
  3. While this could have been filmed in 1980 there are actually some great management ideas in this video.
  4. Ideas Don’t Equal Innovation. The article looks firstly at defining what an idea, a good thought provoking blog post. Continue reading