Sponsors unveiled for conference 2012…

With the planning for our annual conference and awards continuing apace we have great pleasure in announcing the sponsors for the Idea of the Year Awards.

Main Sponsor of the conference and Idea of the Year competition:

A big thank you to everyone at Emirates Aluminium for your sponsorship for 2012.

To complement the main Idea of the Year Trophy there are also several category trophies:

Sustainability Award – Sponsored by Diageo:

Awarded in recognition of the suggestion that demonstrated the greatest contribution to the conservation of natural resources, protecting the natural environment or sustainable project. Continue reading


Call for speakers 2012

It is that time of the year again when the thoughts of all the team at ideasUK are focused on our annual conference.

Have you ever wanted to deliver a workshop or keynote at an International Conference?

YES? Continue reading

Recognition – An Analysis Part 3

In the second of the series, we covered the success factors of recognition programmes, here, in the final article we look at the types of programmes you can develop in your organisation.

Programme Content

Include a mix of recognition activities and award programmes that target different goals.

Recognition programmes should include spontaneous, informal and formal awards. This will enable the appropriate recognition to be given in a timely manner. Continue reading

Recognition – An Analysis Part 2

The first article on Monday, looked at what a recognition programme is and why you should have one in your organisation. Today we look at the success factors of the programme.

Recognition should be given frequently and on a timely basis

People like to be recognised. Employees who are recognised will be inspired to higher achievement thereby assisting the organisation to achieve its goals

Praise is a very effective tool and should be used extensively. Recognition must be immediate. Late recognition can be interpreted as a sign that the contribution, and the person who made the contribution, are not valued by the organisation. Continue reading

Innovation is in the blood by Andy Beddows

ideasUK Roll of Honour (opens pdf doc)

Anyone who has had contact with the world of innovation in recent years will be all too familiar with the well known beacons of innovation; Wind-up radio, Dyson and Post-Its to name but a few, which are but the tip of a very big iceberg. Let’s face it, if there is one thing we, the human race, are good at its innovation. But what goes on ‘below the water line’, below the whiz bang inventions? Where can you find a perfect cross section of innovation at a day to day level across private and public sectors in, say, the UK?

Well, recently I had the task of updating the ideasUK Roll of Honour and rather than just adding the latest award winners to the list I took a wider look at the whole document. Continue reading