ideasUK Conference 2011 – Workshop Speaker – Chris Bolton – Calculating the Benefits from Innovation Programmes

A double post this week introducing workshop speakers for the ideasUK annual conference. Our second speaker this week is Chris Bolton, who works at the Welsh Audit Office, who will hold a workshop on: Calculating the Tangible and Intangible Benefits from Innovation Programmes.

Chris Bolton - Calculating the Benefits from Innovation ProgrammesChris has worked for a number of organisations that include water companies, the Environment Agency and District Audit. Continue reading


Who are ideasUK and how can membership benefit us?

As a membership association we work with you. Your membership entitles you to an analysis of your training requirements without obligation. We take pride in the professionalism of our training services and advice. More importantly, should you decide on our training services, you are not purchasing a one off event. Joining ideasUK entitles you to continuing help, advice, support and assistance.

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