dib Germany celebrates innovation success at their annual awards

dib awards dinnerIn May this year, the German Institute for Business Administration (dib) held its annual conference in Berlin celebrating excellence in Ideas Management within German organisations.  It was the first time that the new German Idea Award has been presented at the gala dinner, as well as the traditional industry awards. Continue reading


Conference Report Hamburg, Germany

The DiB International Conference was held in Hamburg during May and followed its usual pattern of full sessions early Sunday evening and the following two mornings, with the Monday afternoon featuring all the workshops.

New for this conference was a degree of interaction, from a cartoonist highlighting’ the points made by opening speakers, innovative graffiti following conference activities and the facility to ‘sign up’ for the workshops of your choices.

Prior to the workshops delegates were briefed so that after these sessions everyone came together and the workshop presenters summarised the learnings agreed in the session and one of the delegates gave feedback on the session. Continue reading