Recognition needs to be Appropriate, Public and Timely by Tom Dupre

Recognition needs to be Appropriate, Public and Timely to be successful in its basic goal. And that goal is to promote behaviours you want to see repeated. Let us look at each of these attributes separately and then collectively.

Appropriate: This topic usually gets a polarizing argument of either money or non-cash rewards. Historically the predominant form of recognition was cash. When organizations benchmarked with those who had suggestion schemes/programs more often than not they would come away with the example of using cash as rewards. Usually the amount of the award was a percentage of the savings over a period of time.

Cash was challenged as a reward mechanism when the Quality initiatives of the 80’s became popular promoting team work to achieve results with no monetary awards. So began the Cash/No Cash debates that exist till today. Cash awards have been modified over the years by reducing maximum payments, percentages of savings and the time period for amount calculations. Note Continue reading


Guest Post – Rewards and Recognition within a Suggestion Scheme

Today’s guest post is written by Tom Dupre

Let’s begin at the end. I always advise people who are looking to start a suggestion process, or who are revitalizing/redesigning a current program, to address the topic of recognition after they have designed the other areas. Rewards should be considered within the broader context of the process and therefore deferred until the end when the broader context has been determined. That said, let us proceed to discuss the role that Rewards and Recognition (R&R) plays in employee involvement schemes and some key elements of this critical component. Continue reading

Tax Implications of Awards within an ideas programme

One question we are asked very often is can we reward people through the staff suggestion programme if an idea has been implemented.

This is an area that needs a lot of thought before proceeding, below is the text from the HMRC website about rewards

The following is an extract from: – Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003

321 Suggestion awards

(1)   This section applies where an employer establishes a scheme for the making of suggestions that is open on the same terms-

(a)   to employees of the employer generally, or

(b)   to a particular description of them. Continue reading