Introducing our sister organisation – Ideas Arabia

With Ramadan approaching, we at ideasUK thought it would be a great opportunity to continue our periodic series of articles profiling our sister organisations and take a look at Ideas Arabia.

Ideas Arabia Suggestion SchemeHere at ideasUK, we have always had a great relationship with organisations in the Middle East and in fact around 10% of our membership is made up of companies within the United Arab Emirates. Continue reading


Introducing Innov’Acteurs – France’s leading Ideas Management Association

Bonne fête nationale!

To celebrate Bastille Day, France’s National Day commemorating the storming of the Bastille in 1789, we’d like to introduce you to our sister organisation in France: Innov’Acteurs.

Like ideasUK is it an association for the development of innovation engagement within organisations.  It was founded in 2002 with companies like Renault, EDF and Accor as members. Today it comprises of approximately eighty companies, both in the public and private sector, who wish to share their experiences and best practices.

Innov’Acteurs sets out to support and encourage innovation at all levels of an organisation, using various methods: Continue reading

dib Germany celebrates innovation success at their annual awards

dib awards dinnerIn May this year, the German Institute for Business Administration (dib) held its annual conference in Berlin celebrating excellence in Ideas Management within German organisations.  It was the first time that the new German Idea Award has been presented at the gala dinner, as well as the traditional industry awards. Continue reading

July 4th Special – Our sister organisation: IdeasAmerica

IdeasAmerica logoOne of the reasons why ideasUK continues to be successful is its close links with other organisations worldwide who promote employee engagement.

To celebrate 4th July (American Independence day) we thought it would be good to re-introduce our sister organisation that is based in North America. Continue reading