Free Engagement Event – 5th July 2012

We still have some places left for the FREE Engagement Event in Cardiff on 5th July 2012.

We already have over 50 people booked for this event and it will be a great opportunity for you to network with other engagement professionals and share best practice. Continue reading


Guest Post – Flip-chart foraging and why its worth trying the Draw Something application

Today’s post comes from a good friend of ideasUK, if you have never visited What’s the Pont, I suggest you go over and have a look, it is a great site to visit

One of my pastimes is checking out the abandoned flipcharts I find in the variety of offices and meeting rooms I get to frequent. It’s quite a revealing pastime (possibly about me unfortunately). Occasionally you do stumble across sensitive material, obviously this goes straight in the confidential waste bin, or back into the hands of the originator. However, it’s the other material on flipcharts that fascinates me. I reckon you can get a useful insight into an organisation from the debris gets left behind on the flipcharts. The more frantic the scribbles, the more I like it.  Line & box diagrams, mind maps, dodgy graphs, stick people and bullet points all feature. Whatever form it takes it’s all a great informal record of organisational life. The real story of what’s going on from the hands of the people who know the place best.

This helpfully gives me an opportunity to talk about some recent experiences where a drawing has helped focus a discussion. Continue reading

Can Social Media enhance the Ideas Scheme? – Workshop Session Friday 20th January 2012 – Part Two

Part One

James Shewry HSBCCarrying on from Monday’s blog post, we continue the summary of the workshop event based on Social Media and the Ideas Scheme. Following Chris Bolton’s presentation, James Shewry of HSBC then gave an overview of their Ideas Scheme and highlighted the successes delivered since they moved to a social media platform in 2011. This highly informative presentation explained the benefits of allowing employees to collaborate and comment on ideas raised and demonstrated how implemented ideas had increased. Continue reading

Can Social Media enhance the Ideas Scheme? – Workshop Session Friday 20th January 2012 – Part One

Last Friday, HSBC and ideasUK hosted a networking meeting at the HSBC headquarters in Canary Wharf, looking at the topic of Social Media and the Ideas Programme. Social Media and Ideas Schemes

The event was well supported by those from both the public and private sector and a great interactive session ensued. Continue reading

ideasUK free Networking Event – 20th January 2012, London – All Welcome

ideasUK are hosting our first networking event of 2012. The theme will be:

Can Social Media enhance Ideas Schemes?

Everyone is welcome to attend including non members of ideasUK to this free event, but places are limited. For more information and to book your place, please email us

Friday 20 January 2012

London, E14

10am – 3pm Continue reading

ideasUK Conference 2011 – Keynote Spotlight – Bruce Sayers – Bruce Sayers Associates Ltd

This week we would like to introduce Bruce Sayers from Bruce Sayers Associates Ltd, who will be another great keynote speakers at our anuual ideasUK Conference in November.

Bruce SayersOwner of Bruce Sayers Associates Limited, a consultancy providing expertise to organisations that wish to implement technology in support of new reward policies and procedures. He has gained expertise designing and implementing business enhancing policies covering pay, benefits and recognition programmes whilst working within national and multi-national businesses within the financial services, property retail, telecommunications and logistics sectors. Continue reading

ideasUK Conference 2011 – Keynote Spotlight – Colin Hodgson – Edenred Ltd

Continuing our series of posts featuring speakers who will be at the ideasUK conference, this week we introduce Colin Hodgson from Edenred Ltd.

Developing and delivering an engaging employee programme in the age of social media

Colin Hodgson - Edenred - Engaging Employee Programmes Continue reading

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