Software for Ideas and Recognition Programmes – Part Two

Part One

Selecting and Implementing

Nail Biting – Selection & Purchase

Having completed your research and education on ideas software you need to select and purchase. By now you have an idea of potential cost and budget and so you need to determine what the requirements of an ever increasing security conscious IT department are. These days having your system hosted externally can give considerable cost benefits (such as internal server space and server security) as well as the ability of the supplier to update and modify without security issues and their quick reaction in the unlikely event of a fault. Another major influence at this stage is the presence of existing programmes (recognition, feedback etc) and corporate ethos may well shape your finished process. Continue reading


Software for Ideas and Recognition Programmes – Part One

Selecting and Implementing

Head Scratching – Research

So you have an ideas programme or you are thinking about it. The knee jerk reaction may be to go for the stereotypical solution of some forms, a box marked ‘Suggestions’ and a note book to record everything. (It worked 100 years ago and it will work today, although the form is now usually transcribed onto a computer.) That might suffice alone if there are only a dozen or so of you in the business but if you are getting into three figures for employees you need to supplement this with something a little more robust and able to stand the test of time as well as operating in a timely fashion. Continue reading

Selecting the right Suggestion Scheme Software

Our many years of experience in helping companies select a new tracking system for their suggestion programme, or other employee involvement process, shows that a detailed outline of management needs allows us to better serve you. That, added to a review of your programme, and a clear understanding of your process is helpful when specifying the best programme management software to suit your needs.

We would recommend you consider the following areas when choosing the software to manage your ideas programme:- Continue reading