We’re making ideasUK more accessible

Over the past few weeks we have been working on ways to make ideasUK accessible to both members and non members alike.

The chances are, if you are reading this you already know about our blog, however, did you know we also use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as communication mediums? And of course, there’s our website, which is regularly updated.

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Integrating Social Networking with Idea Management by Jim Schwarz

Had a great article sent over to me over the weekend from Jim Schwarz, CEO of TQS. Jim has been a long time supporter of ideasUK and can often be found at our annual conference.

Take a look at his article and feel free to comment, I will pass all your comments onto Jim and I am sure he will take great delight in developing a vibrant engaging discussion with you.

So how do you think Social Networking can integrate with Ideas Management? Is there a future for the Twitter application of 140 characters? Recently we have worked with a number of organisations where they have developed peer group review of an idea as the first level of evaluation through internal intranet forums. How would this work in your organisation? Please let us know.