Webinar – Where do good ideas come from?

This webinar was first shown to members of the employee engagement community at the EIA conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

During this webinar, Larry Truax, the ideas administrator for Grote Industries covers the importance of employees in the ideas process, using Six Sigma tools and Lean Concepts to measure performance, which then leads on to the Performance Pyramid. Continue reading


ideasUK’s chairman shares his DiB conference presentation

Andy Beddows, the ideasUK Chairman and Tom Dupre, a long term supporter and Fellow of ideasUK, recently spoke at the DiB (Deutsches Institut für Betriebswirtschaft) in Berlin. The theme of the two-day event was ‘motivation’.  There were around two hundred delegates from German organisations with representatives of sister associations in the UAE, USA and UK.  The programme involved two mornings of full sessions with presentations and discussion split by an afternoon of workshop sessions.

Andy and Tom have been kind enough to allow us to share their presentation (webinar) with you.

This should open on your screeen, if you have problems viewing the presentation (it has no audio), please contact us. Or see it on our YouTube Channel.